Dress Your Age

Every young girl or woman has to be aware of the simple fact – she can still look fabulous no matter her age. You just have to try to find a wardrobe that will suit you the best. It’s really not hard to be amazing and chic.

If you are in your twenties now, you really should experiment with fashion trends and mix them with the things you prefer and love. There is nothing wrong with the fact that you want to show a little more of your skin, but you should always be elegant and do such a thing with a style. When you get older, you may want to cover your cleavage or your hands, but for now, feel free to show your body and your skin. Enjoy in a variety of fashion trends, and feel absolutely free to follow fashion trends. Now is the right time. You can always complete your fashion style with a large bag like this one from tbags los angeles, interesting jewelry and shades. Don’t forget you can’t go wrong with a tshirt and a pair of tight dl 1961 jeans.

If you are in you thirties now, then you for sure already built your fashion style. You can always allow you’re self to experiment with new fashion trends and some new trendy clothes that will refresh your look. You should not forget a pair of black pumps. That’s a must have. Classic black shoes are indispensable. You’ll be able to wear them for years because they never go out of fashion, just as a little black Woodleigh dress.

If you are in you forties, you watch the constant fashion trends chaining. You are now for sure able to choose and to know what sill suit you perfectly. You can wear classic cuts or dresses and blazers. What most young girls do not know is that age will bring you confidence, so you will be more relaxed when it comes to wardrobe and style in general.

If you are in your fifties that mean that you are in the age when you get the opportunity to wear some more sophisticated models that will not suit to younger ladies. But do not ever be afraid of showing what the best solution is for you and your body. The fact that you are now a bit older, take as your advantage. You can pick some big earrings, or bracelets.

All of this showed you that no matter how old you are, you can always be stylish and in trend. Women fashion trends are always changing, but in every change we can find great and interesting things. One season that can be colorful jewelry on animal prints, next season may bring some pastel and gentle colors. You never know, but always be brave enough to experiment and to play with colors and fashion trends. You will for sure look amazing.

Same Sex, Gay, LGBT. ‘It’s all good now’ wedding vendors.

Planning your same-sex wedding? So are many couples across the country. As gay marriage becomes more common, more and more wedding vendors are catering to engaged couples like you.

There are some great resources out there to help you find those vendors. The So You’re EnGayged Facebook page is a good place to start, as is their website, which should be back soon. Pridezillas has a great gay wedding guide and list of vendors in different regions. Another wonderful blog, 4 Real Equality Weddings , features frequent real world weddings representing a great variety of all those same-sex couples getting hitched.

Check out these resources; it helps not just to find your vendors, but also to find other creative and fun ways that couples have expressed their unique stories on the wedding day!

One of the most important vendors to consider when you’re planning the wedding is your photographer. A wedding photographer (this applies to videographers, too) is often by your side for the entire wedding day. It’s very important that this person not only take great photos to help you remember your celebration, but that they also be somebody cool, who you get along with. The best same sex wedding photographer  doesn’t necessarily specialize in gay weddings, but they have probably shot a few before. If not, they will probably be very excited to shoot yours.

Make sure to meet with a few photographers before hiring one, and ask lots of questions. It’s best to meet in person if possible, because it will be clear from the start that the individual is happy to be working with you. Look at their portfolio and see if they’ve shot any gay weddings before; many photographers will feature these weddings in their portfolio to make it clear that they are gay-friendly, or they might even say so directly on their websites.

One great resource for photographers specifically is the Fearless Photographer’s website. You can post your wedding date under the availability requests section and photographers who are available and interested in working with you will post their interest on your page.

Best of luck – and congratulations!

I love fashion 2014

The exquisite color and contour with the vibrant luster in fashion is what women really love more. May it be an impeccable one or not, but the carefree touch that it generates on the body-and-dress is what fashion destines to get adept of.

The trend is something close to mother nature  material and style. Knitting patterns are among the favorites of world famous designer Armani. The raw material used for knitting these cardigans is mainly soft wool mixed with silk and ramie. Well this rustic style womens winter wear is round-up with elegance and sophistication. You can call it the perfect outfit that will match with a silken pencil skirt.

Denim is always in. You rather think it this way. But the difference lies in designs and make-ups. The new brands like dl1961 jeansThe type of denim jeans in vogue is washed jeans and women prefer this distressing effect for ease. The casual mood merged with intellectual looks build up the magnetic persona a woman aspires to carry. Denim proves it all.

2430409-p-MULTIVIEWOf course, the luxury lines of estate jewelry are doing pretty well in todays fashion trend. Also the plastics and metals do find a larger room than the conventional gold and silver jewels. Well these are mainly for casual wears and young women going to office or universities prefer them more. They are handy and not so expensive. For party wear diamonds and platinum take the lead. Fashion is incomplete without matching handbags. Flap Bag from J Crew and tBags los angeles are in high demand at present. You can buy one at 109.95. H&M bags are available at 139.95 and it is the first choice of young women. ILI womens Handbags and Touch Ups Women’s Handbags from Victoria are in the low budget list. 

I’m engaged! Hiring Engagement Photographers

You might be surprised at how articulate many photographers are about their craft and about the larger philosophy surrounding what they do. Many famous photographers are interested in the way photography intertwines with memory, not just reminding us of the past but sometimes creating imagined histories. Sally Mann says, “Sometimes I think the only memories I have are those I’ve created around photographs of me as a child. Maybe I’m creating my own life. I distrust any memories I do have. They may be fictions, too.”

Some photographers are interested in how people in everyday life can use their family’s photography to structure their personal narratives, strengthen relationships, and open up possibilities. Wedding and portrait photographers may think, along the lines of that Sally Mann quote, about what future collective and individual memories will be tied (or even formed fresh) to the work they create for their clients. If the average person is unlikely to approach their personal photos as a more formal art project or thought experiment, how might such a person best approach her own family archive?


Many people actively create the memories they want for their families. For example, engagement photographers in cities like Chicago and Seattle and across the country may direct their couples to pick locations that are important to them, so that their engagement photos are not just portraits but also reflect something about who these two people were together at a certain point in their lives. This kind of knowing story-building is a great way that the top wedding photographers and clients can work together, putting the philosophy of photography into action.